We are Troubadour.

Troubadour Goods is a London-based modern menswear brand specializing in designing and creating superior handcrafted leather goods. The Troubadour name pays homage to the stories surrounding the artisans who create the products, as well as the stories these products will witness in life’s travels, taking its name from traveling minstrels – storytellers – of days gone by.
Having spent years in pursuit of a well-designed, high-quality overnight bag that could transition seamlessly from a quick business trip to a casual weekend away with friends, the concept started to take shape. As the search started it soon became clear that something so simple, so essential did not exist. So, after careful deliberation, the founders of Troubadour decided to embark on a journey to create their ideal bag.
The goal was to produce a classic, durable bag that married function and style – one you’d happily carry with you for years and years, one that would age beautifully and hold within it the many stories of life’s adventures. Working with many talented artisans, whose handiwork is responsible for these products, Troubadour was born.
Troubadour is a brand for men, conceived by men. A typical Troubadour customer is looking for well-made, long-lasting items. He appreciates quality and invests in a Troubadour piece for its promise of longevity, design, craftsmanship and versatility.