In with a new, digital approach to travel, an innovative web app called Sheradill has launched, which markets hotels from all over the globe. With each hotel full of unique character matched with fabulous facilities, even the most reluctant traveller would be hard-pressed to not want to explore the world, whilst staying in some incredible properties – all for a reduced rate.

All it requires to enjoy a stay through Sheradill is to dream, then share, then gain. You could escape to a luxurious villa in the Bulgarian mountains, a Peruvian palace in the heart of Paris or even a romantic retreat to a poolside property in Palm Springs. The world really is your oyster.

So, start dreaming your perfect holiday! Hotel stays on Sheradill can be easily gained by sharing them with friends and performing a series of actions on social media. For every action or share , a user ends up gaining Sheradill credits – which in turn brings down the price of a getaway. The more you share, the more credits you gain, and the cheaper your break becomes. Select the hotel you wish to stay at, find the date that suits, and book. It’s that easy!