Rosita Caiazzo Ciani was born in Naples in 1974 the last of 5 children, she soon expressed her desire to attend the Liceo Artistico, where she successfully took her diploma and developed her skill in design and jewellery technology.


The techniques and materials used for her jewels are in continuous evolution, but her style and taste are always recognizable and meet the expectations of the best Italian and foreign stylists and designers.


The latest collection of Mediterranean colours and materials we see: coral, turquoise, mother of pearl, shell and crystals, generate into flowers that critics define as “sea anemones”.


Rosita has just launched her new collection in the UK of beautiful semi precious designs after a fantastic response in America and Italy and alongside her own brand “Rosita” she still maintains the jewellery design collection for Etro of Milan, whom she has worked with for 10 years now.