Inspired by the beauty and treasures of her hometown, Istanbul, Zeynep has been attracted to design since her childhood. As a small girl she was always surrounded by colours and flowers and their heady perfumes, which in time developed her impeccable sense of style, design and perfumes.


Drawing from the surroundings of the Bosphorus, a shore-line dotted with fishing villages, lush woodlands and palaces of the late Ottoman period, she became aware of her innate sense of beauty. She was captivated.


In 2005 she created her own signature brand “Lokum Istanbul” to bring her concepts to the world. “Lokum Istanbul” was established and soon became the first lifestyle store renowned for its impeccable attention to customers’ personalised service and bespoke stationery in Istanbul, located on the shores of the Bosphorus.


She was first recognised when American Vogue featured her unique style and concept with her own clear perspectives, in a feature which compared her to the style and allure of the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.