Do you know about Le Mude?  The enticing new fragrances by The Merchant of Venice are all based on them….

Mainly made up of Venetian galleys, Le Mude were the convoys of ships that serviced the main maritime trade routes between the Mediterranean and Asia.  Today, these important trade routes – and the raw materials and traditions that were exchanged as  a result of their voyages – are the inspiration behind three new fragrances (two for women, and one for men) created by luxury fragrance house, The Merchant of Venice

For women, Andalusian Soul is an audacious fragrance characterised by fresh acacia, sensual vanilla, and intense amber, further enriched by touches of cistus and rum.  The sublime mix of precious raw materials is made even more fascinating by balsamic accords and aromatic sage.

The perfume is dedicated to La Muda di Barbaria and to the raw materials traded through it.  This maritime route connected the Venetian Republic with Morocco and Southern Spain, trading mainly in herbs, sweet clover, rosemary, orange blossom, and Indian sandalwood.  The ambience expressed by this extremely feminine fragrance evokes the warmth and mystery of the sunny lands of its origin.  The elegant bottle, in shades of yellow and orange, is also reminiscent of the warm atmosphere of Morocco and Southern Spain.

Mystic Incense, meanwhile, is a new and sophisticated interpretation of incense – an oily resin exuded by the Boswellia plants, typical of the Arabian Peninsula and Africa.  Elegant and persuasive, it creates a perfect woody and gourmand accord.  The base note confirms the vigorous personality of this fragrance through cocoa essence, while the incense is warmed by musky notes.  The scent is both harmonious and seductive.

This original fragrance takes its inspiration from La Muda di Siria, a route that connected Venice to the Lebanese Coast and Cyprus, through which were traded mainly labdanum, liquid storax, Damask rose, balsam, saffron, plums and incense.  This mystical composition is enclosed in a precious green and brown bottle featuring a design that interprets the historical traditions of Murano glassmaking.

For men, The Merchant of Venice has launched a new concentrée fragrance, Venetian Blue Intense.  This latest creation is a sophisticated update of Venetian Blue, one of The Merchant of Venice’s most popular perfumes.  The marine and fougère notes are enhanced by the intense concentration of fragrance, giving an explosion of freshness and a crisp, clean, blue scent.

A musky and smoky base is diffused by patchouli and birch. Fresh spices meet the energy of citrus fruits, while lemon and bergamot are mixed with unexpected hints of juicy apple and pineapple.  This intense composition captures the aspect of the man who loves to be daring and extraordinary, a cosmopolitan and curious adventurer whose fortune comes from travel and trade.

The intense blue colour of the glass bottle evokes the elegance and majesty of the sea.  The primary source of Venice’s riches, the sea enabled the city to establish relations with the East in order to become the point of reference for the distribution of spices and rare essences to Western cultures.  This flow of goods and shared knowledge subsequently made Venice the most important maritime power between the 13th and 16th centuries.

Andalusian Soul, Mystic Incense and Venetian Blue Intense all express the charm of far-away countries, whose histories were inextricably connected with that of Venice.  They represent scents and essences of mysterious places, paying homage to raw materials rarely used in perfumery….

Andalusian Soul and Mystic Incense are available in the UK at Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Selfridges, priced £80 for 50ml and £120 for 100ml.

Venetian Blue Intense is available in the UK from Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, priced £165 for 100ml.