It all started in 1914, on the eve of the First World War, when Eugenio Marinella opened a shop in Piazza Vittoria, on the elegant Riviera di Chiaia in Naples, at that time, as today, one of the most beautiful waterfronts in Italy.


At the beginning, the main focus of the shop was shirts, an essential garment in every man’s wardrobe. Eugenio managed to persuade some top shirt makers from Paris to teach his workers in Naples the art of the cut. With regard to the ties, they are folded seven times: the square is folded up seven times inwards so that to give an incomparable consistence to the tie. The shop has passed through important historical events that have also changed the course of its history: the two world wars, the decline of the ancient nobility and the appearance of the new middle class with the advent of new American products. As a result evolutions of the society and of the custom, Eugenio changed his product focus from the production of shirts to ties, which have gone to become the Marinella’s best seller.


The passion for the elegance and the quality distinguish the brand, thanks to Maurizio Marinella, third generation of the family, who has been able to combine style and entrepreneurship to gain a presence in new international markets, from United States to Japan. The production signed E.Marinella has preserved the scrupulous quality of the raw materials and attention to detail, still today rigorously handcraft, simultaneously creating “veracious Neapolitan” yet “very British” ties.