Welcome to Donna Coraly Resort, a jewel within the historical grounds of San Michele. Welcome to our home, set within Siracusa’s countryside, ensconced in the silence of a large Mediterranean garden, only a short distance from the sea. A moat, a watchtower and the memories of an armistice all combine to evoke an illustrious past, which lives again, in the uniqueness of an unforgettable experience.

A patient and long restauration project unearthed and enhanced the gardens, the suites, the veranda and the structure of the Villa. Respecting the historical Sicilian old world charm and making full use of local materials. Hospitality and comfort of the highest level are combined with the unique flavours and wonders of the area, led by the extremelly knowledgeable owner of the Villa.

Donna Coraly Resort, the ideal location for a luxurious, elegant and authentic taste of Sicilian hospitality of times gone by.