Belstaff is still the only garment manufacturer producing high technology jackets in 100% natural fabrics. The synthetic materials sector is, however, by no means disregarded by Belstaff. In the 1970’s, the famous XL500 jacket was created using a specially developed nylon textile known as Belflex; ideal for wearability, resilience and durability, and to this day still unsurpassed. Then as now, the XL500 is still the best seller; essential, hard-wearing, totally waterproof, and infinitely durable. Put to the test by thousands of motorcyclists throughout the world, it has all the essentials – but nothing superfluous – protecting the motorcyclist from the elements.

Film and screen also enjoy the versatility of the brand, and in 2003 with George Clooney, a keen biker, Belstaff promoted a European campaign for the diffusion of cardiologic first aid on two wheels.

Belstaff returned to the Pure Motorcycle sector in 2005, with a collection intended for leading technical motorcycling apparel stores. The collection’s great success gave prominence to the return of this top brand which we enjoy today with ease and confidence.