Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for take-off. This is going to be a great trip….

With winter now fully upon us, this is the time that sees Brits board long haul flights to warmer destinations and escape the cold back home. However, a recent poll shows almost 70% of UK travellers suffer jet lag, and it’s a familiar story regardless of what direction you turn when boarding your flight, and however restrained you are with the in-flight martinis.

More than half (54%) of Brits take up to two days off work to re-adjust to their home time zone, with a recent survey revealing nearly 10% of all 2,000 respondents always suffer jet lag after every flight. Post-trip lethargy is estimated to cost the UK economy up to £7 billion a year through decreased productivity and days off, proving jet lag is much more than simply a blow to a holiday high – it has serious implications for the British economy as well.

However, the clouds we fly over have a silver lining thanks to the recent launch of an all-new, all-natural and revolutionary answer to jet lag. Enter Jet Candy, the new way to reset your body clock and go the distance without taking harsh prescription medication. After 10 years of development supplying a very niche audience with the secret to happy long-haul travel without jet lag, the resulting high demand has meant that Jet Candy is now available for sale to the international market. As well as allowing the internal body clock to function during long-haul travel, Jet Candy helps with dehydration, fatigue, venous congestion, disorientation, mental sharpness and other symptoms associated with the disruption of the circadian rhythms.

There are several other ways in which you can ease the effects of jet lag, and so we’ve compiled a handy guide on how to beat it:

Before The Flight

· Adjust your daily schedule a few days before jetting off to help your body adjust to different times. Slight alterations to your wake-up and meal times will help ease the changes to your body rhythms.

· Remember to take a Jet Candy pillule the night before your flight, one again the following morning, and then one just before take-off.

During The Flight

· Set your clock, watch and phone to your destination time zone before you’ve even left your current one. As soon as the fasten seatbelt sign goes on, trick your mind into thinking you’re already on that time, and your body’s systems will start to adjust.

· Stay hydrated. Don’t be tempted to enjoy too many alcoholic drinks on board and instead drink plenty of water; H20 helps balance out the dehydration that can be caused by lack of humidity in the cabin during the flight.

· Take regular walks up and down the plane aisle, and try to stretch regularly too. Don’t be shy, as it’s important to look after your body.

· Get some sleep. Boost your chances of undisturbed slumber with eyeshades, noise-cancelling earphones and cosy blankets to help you get some shuteye.

· Take another 3 – 6 doses of Jet Candy during the flight.

After The Flight

· Get moving! Plunge into the pool, enjoy some sightseeing, indulge in some retail therapy, or hit the gym – whatever works for you – to help ease the transition to your new time zone. Exposure to sunlight allows your body to differentiate between day and night more easily and effectively.

· Take another Jet Candy pillule, and finally one more when you wake up the next day. This way, you won’t experience the time zone hit and your jet lag will be sorted. There’s a reason Jet Candy really is as essential as your passport!

Jet Candy is available to buy from, priced £12.99, and the remedy can be shipped worldwide.